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team lyme
We run, walk, bike, swim, raise awareness of Lyme Disease!
diva dance East west chester
Diva Dance Workshop, by the East Highschool Dance Team donated 10% of proceeds to Team Lyme! 2011
lyme disease run west chester pa
Lyme Disease 5k Run! West Chester, PA 2011
tough mudder PA
Tough Mudder 2011
phillies 5k run philadelphia
Phillies 5k Run! 2011
Marathon through Disney World 2009
ING half marathon 2010
ING Rock n' Roll Half Marathon 2010
radnor 5 mile run PA
Radnor 5 Mile Run
My inspiration for starting Team Lyme, my little sister, Chelsea.
philadelphia half marathon 2009 philly pa
Philadelphia Half Marathon 2009
disney lyme disease
Team Lyme has been spotted at Cinderella's castle in Disneyworld!
broad street run 2009
Broad Street 10 Mile Run 2010
stone harbor sprint triathlon 2008 NJ
Stone Harbor Triathlon 2008
lyme disease triathlon
ironman florida 140.6 tri
Ironman, 140.6 miles of running, biking and swimming!!
livestrong run 5k
Livestrong 5k Run
lyme disease triathlon
Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA 2009
lyme disease triathlon
Go TEAM LYME! Thanks for fighting Lyme Disease!
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Team Lyme runs, bikes, swims, walks, to fights chronic
Lyme Disease in children! Go Team Lyme!
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Our Story

In 1999, my five year old little sister Chelsea had a sudden onset of headaches, achy joints, weakness, fevers and fatigue. Numerous trips to the pediatrician resulted in no answer to why she was so ill. After months and months of miss-diagnose after another, one doctor finally did a Lyme Test on Chelsea and the test came back positive. She started oral antibiotics right away but her symptoms always returned.

Trying to find a doctor to treat a Chelsea's chronic Lyme Disease or even to find one that believed there was such a thing, was an incredible challenge. It took 2 1/2 years of numerous physicians and specialists to find a doctor that would agree the disease was still present in her body.

Chelsea is now 17 years old and continues to suffer with chronic Lyme Disease. Chelsea has endured more doctor visits, labwork, and antibiotics than most grown adults. The chronic illness of Chelsea has changed her life and our family's lives forever. I have hope that someday Chelsea will be completely free of Lyme Disease!!

Early detection is key with Lyme Disease and with the proper education, awareness, research and treatment this disease can be abolished. I hope that no child has to suffer through Lyme Disease and with my organization, Team Lyme, I hope to help conquer Lyme!

I invite you to join Team Lyme supporting education research & treatment of lyme disease, share your lyme disease struggles and triumphs and get involved with Team Lyme!

Love, Melissa

lyme disease children west chester PA